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    Quality Over Quantity


    I through up a Facebook post, about seeing 60 patients/day, and got a lot of flack for it…

    The point of the post was not to brag about the amount of patient’s I see. To be honest, that was actually my least favorite part of the job.

    The purpose of the post was to point out the fact I turned down the opportunity to have my own practice, because of the high volume of patients.

    I guess cynicism will always be present.

    Regardless of the post, I was in the trenches – seeing patient after patient. Needless to say, I’ve learned a few things to make any patient experience amazing  😎 

    In fact, when I was at my peak, I definitely had patients waiting. And, they would happily wait (even for just a few minutes of my time), because of the way I made them feel during the visit.

    Today, I want to share one trick, you can implement tomorrow, to make it seem as if you were with the patient longer…

    Learn to use silence.

    The entire visit doesn’t need to be jam packed with conversation. See, cramming a lot, into a short period, gives the feeling that we are trying to rush the visit. 

    Taking the time to just sit there, in silence, for even a few seconds can be very powerful. It’s about creating an illusion for the patient.

    Because, after all, the amount of time you’re with the patient is fixed – there’s no way to change this (unless you own the practice).

    Learning to use this powerful technique (the right way), will dramatically improve the patient experienice. They will feel more relaxed during the visit and leave happier. 

    It’s all about quality over quantity.  

    Are you a new grad who isn’t quite sure how to get ahead? Are you having a difficult time applying the text book knowledge you learned in school to the patients in front of you?

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    Talk soon!