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    Pelvic Exams Were Hard For Me


    Being a male provider can come with difficulties – especially in OBGYN.

    There are times, when women come in, and are surprised to see me as their provider (we have many walk-ins). Often times, it looks something like this…

    I got an email the other day, regarding this very thing…

    Here are my thoughts… 

    First, you have to be ok with the idea there will be women who will want a female provider – regardless of your skill. 

    This is not to be taken personal and is not an attack towards you.

    It can be easy to take things personal as a clinician – don’t.

    What I don’t do…

    I never immediately go into an exam room with a female patient undressed – even if the sole reason for the visit is a pap smear. 

    Instead, I always walk in first, chat for a minute, then inform the patient the nurse will be right in to get things prepped. I also explain why we need to do a pelvic exam, what this entails, what I’m looking for, etc.

    It’s not always so straight forward, however. Be prepared for the occasional awkwardness. 

    For example, I’ve had women moaning and flirting during a pelvic exam (weird). This is why you should always have a female in there with you (if you’re male).

    But, this simple trick of entering the room first, has put many patients at ease. They are often scared of the unknown, therefore, explaining everything up front is incredibly reassuring. If you act and feel comfortable with the situation – then so will your patient. 

    It’s all about your energy 👌🏼

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