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    Does it lower mortality?


    Before prescribing a medication (for a chronic condition) – there are two big ticket items we need to focus on:

    1. Mortality – will this medication decrease the risk of death?

    2. Morbidity – will this medication decrease how sick the patient will be (will this keep the patient out of the hospital)?

    Does it lower mortality and/or morbidity?


    Then, we need to think about why we want to prescribe said medication to our patients.

    Here’s an example…

    Metformin has been shown to decrease morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes. But, glipizide has not been shown to decrease mortality.

    This means, both medications effectively lower the glucose, but only one (metformin) has been proven to reduce the risk of death.

    Therefore, metformin is the clear first line medication in type 2 diabetics.

    Always keep these in mind before writing a script. We want to not only increase the well being of our patients – but also ensure they live a longer life.

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