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    The secret to a good life


    When I started PA Boards, in 2013, life was insane!

    Here’s a quick highlight of what life was like:

    5am – 7am: work on the website and podcast
    7am – 8am: get ready for work
    8am – 9am: commute to work
    9am – 6pm: work at the clinic
    6pm – 7pm: commute home
    7pm – 8pm: eat and unwind
    8pm – 12 am: work on the website and podcast

    At that point, I was working 6 days a week in the clinic.

    As you can see, work/life balance was non-existent. To be honest, I never really thought about it. I just jumped in, put my head down, and went to work.

    It was a daily grind.

    Fast forward to now – I’m still putting in 12 hour days – I’m still working weekends.

    This might sound like a lot, but it’s actually quite typical for those trying to build something from nothing. I began to wonder, about a year back, if it had to be this way.

    Could a person be successful and have balance?

    Obviously, this depends on a lot of factors, including one’s own definition of success. But, then I came to a realization.

    When you find a bigger purpose, as your driving force, work doesn’t feel like work (I know sounds cliche – but it’s true).

    In fact, the hours fly by faster than I’d like.

    See, you have to find your passion in this world. Because, achieving success (however you define that) is hard. I mean, really, really, hard.

    And, if you don’t have the passion, to get through the hard times, then you’re certainly bound to fail.

    If you’re reading this post – then I know you are most certainly putting yourself in a position to have some hard times.

    Now, I’m not saying you need to put in the hours I’ve put in. Most people in this world aren’t after what I’m after. But, what I am saying, is that you need to find passion in what you do.

    Because, once you do, then work/life balance becomes a moot point. The separation between the two becomes non-existent. Work and life becomes one.

    Your profession, family, and time with friends will just ebb and flow.

    That’s the secret to a good life. You have to love what you do.

    The fact you’re reading this post – means you are working towards your passion. Don’t stop, be patient, and remember, great things take time.

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    I wish you nothing but success.

    Talk soon!