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Q&A: Solo provider, FAQ about being a PA, Feeling unprepared, and PA student interview


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Episode 9: How to be a new PA grad solo provider

I went from a being a PA student to practicing as a solo provider in family medicine/OBGYN. Here’s some advice for those of you thinking about seeing patients on your own. I’ll share my thoughts on how to get good without anyone there to “mentor” you.

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Episode 10: PA Boards FAQ about being a physician assistant

I recently collaborated with two PA IG accounts (@lifeasaPA and @theskin.ny) to answer our most frequently asked questions. We got together on IG stories and answered:

1. What school did we go to and why?
2. What specialty do we work in?
3. Why did we choose PA over medical school?

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Episode 11: Why do I feel so unprepared?

The bad news – you don’t feel prepared. The good news – you’re not alone. I tackled this question from a student:

“Hello! Hoping you’re well. First off, thank you for being the best resource out there- you are amazing! I was wondering if you had any advice on keeping your head up as didactic year tries to drown you? I’m currently in my second semester (started rotations in May) and it’s even harder than the first! Makes me want to find whoever said this semester should be easier and give them a piece of my mind, haha! How do I make this easier? Will clinicals be just as hard? Why do I feel so underprepared?! Thank you again for your guidance. I am truly appreciative.”

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Episode 12: PA Student Interview with Sarah Taub 

Sarah is a second year PA student at Tufts University, located in Boston Massachusetts. She’s currently rotating through internal medicine and shares her experiences and what she’s learned  🙂 Enjoy!

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