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It’s ok to live a life others don’t understand…


It’s Friday. Most everyone you know is ready for the bar, the movies, a night out. 

But, you?

You have a different path. You chose to walk a path most don’t understand. Your Friday night consists of caffeine, textbooks, and lectures. 

Instead of having tomorrow off – you have an exam to prep for, a shift to show up to, and lives to save. 

I was there – not only during my PA school journey – but after as well. I was pulling 80-100 hour weeks during clinicals. After graduation I was working as a solo provider 6 days a week. 

My friends couldn’t understand why I was doing this. They worked Monday – Friday and lived for the weekend.


Because they weren’t fullfilled. They weren’t satisfied and they weren’t doing anything with REAL purpose. Unfortunately, this is most of our society.

There’s a reason not everyone is doing this. It takes guts, perseverance, and smarts. It takes long hours, days, and years. Don’t let this discourage you.

Instead, I want you to take a step back and appreciate all you have accomplished thus far.

It is truly incredible. 

I want you to be grateful for getting this far – for being able to help and change the lives of everyone you come into contact with. You have been blessed with a gift and you are working your ass off to make this dream a reality.

When all your friends are out and about – don’t feel sad, don’t feel jealous or envious. Feel proud for the decisions you have made.

You are making a difference. Keep grinding.

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