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PANCE Review Book – Update


Update: The PANCE / PANRE review book is now available.  Download the first chapter for free here.

Medicine is tough.  There is so much information that professors throw at you, that it becomes overwhelming.  Every test is not only testing your knowledge, but your will power.  Hours and hours are put into learning every day in the hopes that you go out and pass your boards, so that you can begin to practice as a physician assistant.  When you think about how stressful each exam is, the thought of a comprehensive board exam is very intimidating.  Each exam in PA school tests a certain topic like neurology.  The details are complex and the critical thinking required to decipher a vignette and arrive at the most likely diagnosis requires practice.  It is unlike anything you have prepared for in your undergraduate studies.  This is why so many students panic at the thought that there will be ONE exam that will test your entire knowledge of PA school.

I completely understand.  I was once in your shoes and I know how scary and nerve wrecking it can be.  There will be students who already have a job lined up pending the successful completion of the PANCE.  The PANCE is the final hurdle that you must cross in order to start practicing as a physician assistant.  I was that student.  I had a job waiting for me, assuming that I pass the boards.  The problem was that there weren’t any review books I liked.  There wasn’t anything available that was clear cut and to the point.  A lot of review books had a TON of information that left me wondering how I would identify a certain disease or treatment plan come the exam.  This is the reason for this website.

A lot of information is made available for review.  I love talking medicine, and I love teaching this to others, so this will never stop.  For all of those who are subscribed to the podcast and youtube channel, I appreciate you!  If your not, what are you waiting for??  But, I thought the website could be organized, tweaked, and package into the much simpler form of an E-book.  A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email with a rough draft for the cardiology chapter.  I got some amazing feedback and am currently in the process of putting this together for you.  For everyone who responded, I want to give a big thank you!

So, what will this book look like?  Well, its going to be a very targeted review.   It’s going to provide you with the typical presentation along with how to systematically diagnose and treat each disease outlined in the PANCE blueprint put together by the NCCPA.  Each disease process will be broken into different sections: introduction, etiology, signs & symptoms, diagnostic testing, and treatment.  I will review key anatomy and physiology for each organ system.  I will also have study questions after reviewing each organ system.  Finally, the last part of the chapter will have key associations/facts/buzzwords in a nice table that you can quickly skim right before the exam for an extra boost of confidence.  This way, there are multiple options for retention.

My goal is to make this the best PANCE review book available.  I plan on having this ready by the end of June for you.  If there are any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please feel free to let me know!  You can provide a comment to this post, send me a message on Facebook, shoot me a tweet, or email me; whatever form of communication is easiest for you.  Look forward to hearing from you!

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