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Screw Perfection!


So many people say they are perfectionists. So many people insist that they cannot possibly submit an assignment, perform a procedure, or present a case unless its perfectly executed.  To be brutally honest, there are very few perfectionists in this world.   The vast majority of people are simply giving excuses.  Excuses stem from fear, and fear leads to mediocrity.  My advice to you? Screw perfection.

That’s right, you heard me, screw it.  Striving for “perfection” is an impossible task that will only hold you back.  This doesn’t just apply to PA school, but also applies to everything you do in life.  I recently came across a quote, “done is better than perfect”.  Think about this for a second.  Perfection, at times, can be your enemy.  It can slow down progress.  One of the scariest things in life, is to do something before you feel ready.  So, we create these internal illusions that everything needs to be just right before you can begin.  Bullshit.

You have to jump in.  Do things before you feel ready, because in reality, you will never be ready, I promise you.  But, if you jump in and start getting your hands dirty, the learning will increase exponentially when compared to reading the textbook “one more time”.  The difficult thing about this “perfection mentality”, is that you can get away with it quite easily.  No one is going to hold your hand and beg you to sew that laceration, or drain that abscess, or splint the fracture.  It might get offered once, and if you hesitate, they will take the offer off the table immediately.

Once you dive in, you will realize its not that bad.  We often over sensationalize the worst case scenarios as to give us another reason why we shouldn’t do it.  But, unless you are going to die or kill someone if a mistake is made, the consequences are not that bad.  You will survive.  Not only will you survive, you will come out that much better for it.  Please, I urge you, forget perfection.  I want you to go out and DO.  Do as much as you can in the least amount of time possible.  Life is a beautiful thing, do not waste another second of it because you are afraid.

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