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Failed an Exam? Who cares?!


So, you had an exam and it didn’t go quite as planned.  In fact, it probably went worse than you anticipated.  I can probably go as far as to say that you failed your exam.  So, what do we do now?  Does this mean we will not pass our program?  Does this mean we are not good enough to hack it as a PA?  These are probably some of the questions that are going on in your mind right now.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: its not the end of the world.  You didn’t pass an exam, who cares?  A failure is only a failure if you didn’t learn something from it.  Also, in order to truly fail, you have to have given up.  Instead of saying you failed, I want you to say you had a setback.  See, by shifting your mind in this manner, you are subconsciously setting yourself up for success.

If you are constantly saying, “I failed this exam” or “I’m going to fail the exam”, well guess what, you  will fail the exam.  Every single person who graduated from my program had “failed” at least one exam during their training.  Did you notice what that last sentence said?  Every person who graduated our program, had a minor setback.  The key is to try and understand why you failed.  Are you reading the question to quickly and missing important details?  Are you having trouble keeping all of the material organized?  Are you not studying every day, but cramming the night before?  The important thing to realize is not that you “failed”, but why you “failed”.  Once you realize the why, then you can improve upon that flaw and turn it into success the next go around.

Handling a test result is no different from how you handle life.  You will always have setbacks; things do not always go as planned.  But, you must realize that it is not the end of the world.  Heck, Jeff Bezos is an amazing example!  Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, and turned it from a small start up, to an internet titan.  But, it wasn’t easy.  Amazon did not even begin to generate a profit until after 6 years in business!  Amazon was losing as much as $3 billion dollars a year during its infancy.  Can you imagine if Jeff Bezos had said he failed at year 5.  Many people would have broken down after five years.  Many people would have considered it a failure. Not Jeff.  Instead, he said I am having a few setbacks, how can I improve?  Improve he did.  Last year, amazon generated $75 billion dollars in revenue, and $349 million in profit.  Amazing isn’t it?

So, next time, ditch the word failure.  Instead go with setback.  Envision success, and make it a reality!

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