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Bill O’ Reilly refuses ‘Lenny from the local community college’


If you haven’t heard about what Bill O’Reilly said about the PA profession, where have you been?  Let me break it down for you…

On March 4th, Bill O’Reilly conducted an interview with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel about where the future of our healthcare is heading.  He makes a comment about these walk in clinics that are staffed by physician assistants and nurse practitioners and how “there aren’t any doctors, they aren’t doctors”.  According to O’Reilly’s words he doesn’t want to be seen by “Lenny who just came out of the community college”.  He makes gross implications that physician assistants are not capable of seeing or treating patients.  He even goes as far as to say that we are not qualified to make the diagnosis of strep throat or otitis media, let alone treat it.  To top it all off he names the profession as “physician’s assistants” – are we owned by physicians?  I don’t know about you, but he needs a serious reality check.

I don’t need to tell any of you how mistaken he is for making these comments.  We pride ourselves in the quality of care we provide our patients.  Many in our profession have significant healthcare experience before even embarking on the PA journey.  There are also many clinics and emergency departments that are staffed solely by physician assistants.  The entire profession is based on those who served our country and yet he has the audacity to talk down to the profession!  The sad thing is, that Bill O’ Reilly isn’t the only one at fault, but so is Fox News, as they are responsible for what he says on camera.  90% of what he says in that interview is complete bullshit, so at least he was consistent throughout his interview…

The AAPA has already taken action and has reached out to both Fox News and Mr. O’Reilly.  I urge you to do the same.

You can email Mr. O’ Reilly at:
bill.oreilly@foxnews.com and CC amy.sohnen@foxnews.com, kate.ahlborn@foxnews.com and oreilly@foxnews.com

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